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Quality Assurance

Say it, do it, prove it, and improve it!

These are the four elements that make up the Boone Graphics’ Quality Management System. We maintain a written QMS, we follow it carefully each day, we document our activities and we continually improve and update the process should any errors occur. Producing a consistently high-quality product is what sets Boone Graphics apart from all other print vendors. Boone is SGS 9001Certified and HIPAA compliant. 


The following are key points to our QMS:

Quality Processes


  • Written Quality Management System kept on-site, updated as needed

  • Five-year business plan reviewed and updated annually

  • Production and financial disaster plans in place

  • Multiple documented quality control stations throughout the production process

  • Root problem identified and corrective actions taken for all product defects

  • All press, bindery and prepress operators factory trained

  • All digital print files and databases linked directly to job specs in the workflow

  • Camera verification system used at various stages of production to ensure variable document matching and consistent print quality

  • State-of-the-art equipment and software utilized in the production

  • All equipment maintained by certified technicians with all records kept on site 



  • SGS 9001 Certified and HIPAA compliant 

  • Building alarm system with cameras and 24-hour monitoring 

  • Secure document shredding on-site 

  • All computers, servers and digital assets backed up daily with on-site and off-site redundancy.

  • All workstations protected with virus protection, usernames, and passwords

  • Secure FTP line with encryption protection for data transfer

  • Internal network protected with firewalls

  • Deletion of files from RIP queues upon print completion

Interested in learning more about our quality policies and systems? Request a copy of our Quality Manual. - Click Here to send us a request.

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