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Why Design Matters

Updated: May 6, 2022

Before I went to school to study graphic design, I went to school to study photography. I worked as a professional photographer for many years and still consider myself a photographer, though these days I spend most of my time designing various creative projects and campaigns. Starting as a photographer helped me develop what many refer to as a “good eye.” Basically, this just means you have the ability to recognize the qualities of something in an artistic or creative way. The same holds true for design. The technical skills of how to add an image and text to a page is something many can learn. With online tools like Canva, many can do it as easily as they might make an Instagram post. However, a skilled graphic designer or design team can offer you something software alone never can … “a good eye.” The sense of how the typography should work and if it is achieving its goal in the overall piece. How best to utilize images and/or other art and assets in harmony that ultimately evokes the desired outcome from the intended audience. Because let’s face it – the goal of good graphic design is effective communication that elicits the desired effect. For example, I could make a sign that says, “Eat More Apples” and you may or may not take that advice. A skilled graphic designer will find the right font that works with the right image to not only inspire you to want to eat more apples but even crave a crisp, fresh, sweet apple. Combine these skills with the technical knowhow and you have a winning combination.

With all that said … how does this translate to you and your business and why should you care about good design? Well, here are four reasons I believe that every dollar you spend on good design will come back to you four-fold!

Your BRAND An expertly designed company logo and brand identity can go a long way toward establishing an instant connection between your brand and the services that you offer. Just as important, a great design will make your business memorable. In an age when everything is at your fingertips via the internet, and everyone is an expert “scroller” – first impressions matter!


No matter what industry or field you’re in, graphic design will help your business create credibility. When your creative content helps solve problems and relieve pain points, your customers are more likely to view you as a trustworthy authority in your field.


Studies show that when images and visuals are combined with text, the information offered is three times more engaging than text-only content. This is because humans are heavily influenced by visuals. Adding relevant graphics to text can deepen our understanding and recollection of complex information.

Your MONEY This is perhaps the most important reason for good design – especially for those companies that act on their impulse to cut corners by getting their design work done on the cheap: bad design will always cost you more in the long run. A poor design, though inexpensive at first, will ultimately lead to subsequent re-designs, as well as additional production costs to fix issues that should have been addressed in the initial design process. You would be astounded by the volume of companies we need to “recreate” existing logos for because they do not have a true scalable vector file. What is a vector file you ask? It is a digital file containing your art in a raw, editable format. You probably won’t be able to open the file unless you have some type of professional design software, but it is how you should have your logo if you want a graphic designer, print professional, web designer, or anyone other professional creative to work with your logo and brand in a way that always ensures your logo is crisp, fresh, and sweet!

Controlling your brand and image through quality design is an investment that will yield positive results for you and your company. Enlisting the help of a good designer or firm is money well spent. For help with your brand, logo, messaging, or even collateral material, contact our full-service design studio at Boone Graphics - Studio B. https://www.boonegraphics.net/design.


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