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The Handwritten Note - Creating A Connection

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

IT FEELS GOOD... to receive a hand addressed envelope in the mail. It is more personal and interesting than the plethora of business correspondence and other mail that inundates our mailboxes and is likely the first thing to be opened. The idea that in this “digital age” someone has put pen to paper can capture attention. In this era of electronic communication, of endless texts and emails, the handwritten letter has become something of a lost art. But handwriting still has a hold on people’s emotions.

Greeting card sales are booming, with over 6 billion sold last year. Also, in a recent survey, nearly 70% of the people said a handwritten note in the mail would mean more than a text, email or Facebook message. Donors Choose, a nonprofit organization, conducted a study to show the ROI of gratitude for charitable donors. What they found was that first-time donors who received a handwritten thank-you note were 38% more likely to give another donation.

When you are in the business of building a personal connection with your constituents, a handwritten note can make all the difference. Writing a letter or note by hand may take a bit more time and effort, but the benefits will outweigh the effort it takes. A handwritten note will make you stand out from the crowd and show you care. Don’t underestimate the positive effects of “feelings” — a handwritten note will make people feel good and remember you.


Almost as important as the message in your handwritten note, is the design, paper and quality of the printing of your cards. A well designed notecard printed on just the right paper can set the tone for your communication, exhibiting quality and good taste.

Boone Graphics can assist you in creating just the right kind of personalized stationery for your handwritten notes and letters. Boone has a large array of fine papers and envelopes to choose from and our design staff can work with you to create stationery that is just right for you, printed on our digital press or with the traditional letterpress method for an extra special touch.


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