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Stock Up! Using Stock Images

Stock Photos

What is the first thing you think of when someone says, “stock photos?” Generally, the responses we hear are… generic, awkward, fake, posed, etc. -- the list goes on. However, stock photos can be a highly useful tool when creating printed and online communications. And, sometimes they are the only option you have in certain situations. Example: you are creating a piece where privacy concerns are issue. Stock photos can help you communicate your message with imagery that does not infringe on the privacy of clients or constituents. Other times there are budgetary constraints that make stock photos an excellent option in lieu of hiring a professional photographer and holding a photoshoot. Whatever the reason, stock photos can be a great tool in the right situation. Here are some tips on how to find stock photos and use them while still staying true to your brand and identity.

Use High Quality Images

There a number of excellent fee and free stock photo sources on the internet. Using a credible stock photo supplier is important for several reasons. 1. It will be clear what the licensing and usage parameters are before you use the image. Just grabbing an image off of a Google search can be quick and easy but, it can also land you and your organization in some hot water, legally speaking. Just because it’s available on the internet does not mean it’s free to use however you like. Unauthorized usage of an image could result in hefty fines. If you don’t have a budget for images use one of the royalty free image sites listed below. 2. The quality of the image will be acceptable for most print jobs resulting in crisp clean images. 3. There is a lot to chose from.

Alter the Image to Meet Your Needs

Using just a part of the image or pulling an item out of an image is a great way to tailor it to your needs.

Add Copy to Your Image

Finding images that have space for copy can help you better integrate the image for your specific need. Many of the stock sources have a filter where you can search not only for the type of image you need but one that also has space for a title or copy.

Where to Find Quality Stock Images:

These are just a few locations to find quality stock images that are royalty free and have either low or no fees.

If you need help with graphic design, publication layout, or photo manipulation the Creative Team at Boone Graphics is here to help. Send us an email about your next project or campaign and we would be happy to assist. Email:

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