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  • Anne Bohnett

Marketing Glow Up

When was the last time you updated your marketing collateral? Chances are, it’s been some time. A new year is now upon us, giving you the opportunity to leave boring marketing pieces back in 2021 where they belong. It’s time for a GLOW UP!

What’s a glow up?

It’s when something transforms into a more attractive, accomplished, and confident version of its old self.

Why should you consider a glow up for your marketing collateral in the new year?

Marketing collateral is all the digital and print materials used to represent your business and communicate your brand and message. It can be used to educate, inform, and guide prospects and customers about the services you provide and/or how you are able to solve their problems. Examples of these include your logo, company brochures, letterheads, business cards, mail and e-mail campaigns, social media presence, posters, and anything else you might utilize to bring awareness to your products and services as well as your brand.

Many of these things should be updated regularly to ensure effective visibility and to keep your brand looking fresh and contemporary. Otherwise, with out-of-date marketing materials, you run the risk of your brand being seen as stuck in the past, lower quality, or even obsolete which can be damaging to your business and reputation.

How to go about updating your marketing collateral?

  1. Collect all your current marketing assets and analyze which ones need updating, which ones you no longer need to use, and if there are missing pieces to aid and complete your marketing goals.

  2. Hire a graphic designer to update all your marketing pieces to establish corresponding pieces that can be repurposed for a cross-platform strategy.

  3. Once you have updated materials, make sure they are readily available to everyone on your team to verify that everyone is using the same branded content.

Don’t let outdated marketing materials cost you sales this year. Instead, evaluate the marketing tools you want to utilize and decide which ones need a makeover. Updating your marketing collateral doesn’t necessarily need to have major changes, but making sure that your pieces are modern and all work harmoniously with each other to captivate your audience through multiple channels will set you up for a more prosperous year ahead. If you’re looking for help to get started, your friends here at Boone and our designers in Studio B, our in-house, full-service graphic design studio can refresh the design on your marketing materials and make sure they are cohesive across both digital and print platforms.

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