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Foiled Again! Add A Finishing Touch

Adding an element of metallic foil to a printed piece can make it stand out and shine in an attractive way. The effect can be showy and bright or more subtly luxurious, it depends on the design, paper and the specific choice of foils. Foils come in many shades of gold and silver and can be either very shiny or have a matte finish.

Foils also come in a wide range of non-metallic colors which can also be useful in crafting a printed piece with impact. Often foil stamping is the best choice when using a dark paper as a substrate, such as white on black. On a dark sheet printed ink often does not show up clearly; while foil stamping will be bright and crisp on the same dark sheet.

Embossing and debossing are other letterpress techniques that can add character to a printed piece and bring a tactile element into the mix. Embossing is when the letterforms “rise up” out of the surface; debossing is when they are recessed into the sheet. Sometimes these are used in combination with printed ink or foil stamping to create interesting and unique effects.

Fine invitations, business cards and stationery, special booklets and certificates can all be enhanced with these special techniques


Our design team can work with you on the conception and preparation of art-work for your foiled or embossed pieces, and our letterpress studio can handle all aspects of production. At Boone Graphics we have a wide range of foils that are available as well as numerous samples of foiled work to review for ideas and inspiration.

Please contact us to schedule a free consultation.


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