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Boone Cares

working to be part of the solution


  • PPE – manufacture and donate PPE to the local medical and essential worker community

  • Graduation Signs – Helping to give graduates the recognition they deserve

  • Business COVID-19 recovery program – up to 20% discount on selected essential materials

  • Essential Covid-19 communication – secure data variable communication for medical, municipal, insurance, and community outreach

Boone Graphics took a PPE face shield from design to first delivery in less than a week. Collaborating with UCSB Engineering Labs, Cottage Hospital, & iCRo Company to bring a new PPE design into the hands of essential workers who could not source essential PPE. Boone has committed to manufacture and deliver 2000 face shields to the local community

A generous underwriting by CenCal Health allowed for an additional 2400 shields to be manufactured for distribution to the local community. We are grateful for the collaboration with CenCal health, SB foundation, and the local community for distribution

Boone Graphics wanted to ensure that local graduates received the recognition they earned. Working in collaboration with local schools to provide lawn & window signs. Boone designed, manufactured, and distributed individualized, school-branded, recognition signage to help recognize student accomplishments

To assist businesses in reopening in the new normal, Boone graphics is providing up to 20% discount on essential materials need by local business to begin a phased reopen, these included:

  • Social distance floor markings

  • Menu solutions for new requirements

  • Signage for COVID-19 restrictions and directions

  • PPE for public-facing personnel

  • Pop displays and new offerings

  • Reopening data and mailing support

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